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cvs ACLs and the package directory tree


Hopefully a simple case of new operator error, but in trying to update
the new yum-cron package (the initial build of which has now propagated
everywhere properly), I've rebuilt an updated SRPM, and am trying to
import it using the common/cvs-import.sh script.  This fails with:

  cvs commit...
  **** Access denied: habig is not in ACL for rpms/yum-cron
  cvs commit: Pre-commit check failed
  **** Access allowed: habig is in ACL for rpms/yum-cron/devel.
  cvs [commit aborted]: correct above errors first!

So, a number of questions here.

1) Why do I need access to the package root directory, as far as I can
   tell all the actual package-related stuff I want to change is in the
   tagged subdirectories?

2) Why did it work in my initial builts for {devel, F-7, EL-5, FC-6} but
   is failing now?  

3) Is using the cvs-import script still appropriate for maintenance as
   opposed to initial setup?  All the how-tos and wiki's I could find
   are aimed at how to get things set up, but I couldn't find any info
   for the regular maintenance cycle.

and lastly of course,

4) What do I need to do to get past this error and back to actually
   maintaining the package?


 	    Alec Habig, University of Minnesota Duluth Physics Dept.
	    		    habig neutrino d umn edu

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