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Re: Netpanzer

> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Jon Ciesla wrote:
>>> With release 0.8.2, upstream has merged the program and data tarballs.
>>> I'm thinking of merging netpanzer-data into netpanzer and obsoleting
>>> netpanzer-data.  Any objections?
>> Isn't the netpanzer data large and not subject to as much change as the
>> engine?  If so, there are still reasons to keep the data separate from
>> the game engine.
> If upstream distributes things in one tarbal, they should be in one SRPM,
> and
> then splitting is no use.

This rationale is also why xmoto-edit was split from xmoto when upstream
split them.

> Also AFAIK netpanzer doesn't get frequent package updates.

My thoughts as well.  I'll get to work, and keep watching this space for
further discussion.  Thanks!

> Regards,
> Hans
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novus ordo absurdum

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