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Re: Netpanzer

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> Hans de Goede wrote:
>> Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
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>>> Jon Ciesla wrote:
>>>> With release 0.8.2, upstream has merged the program and data
>>>> tarballs. I'm thinking of merging netpanzer-data into netpanzer and
>>>> obsoleting
>>>> netpanzer-data.  Any objections?
>>> Isn't the netpanzer data large and not subject to as much change as the
>>> engine?  If so, there are still reasons to keep the data separate from
>>> the game engine.
>> If upstream distributes things in one tarbal, they should be in one
>> SRPM, and then splitting is no use.
> It is of use to end users.  Not having to redownload the data everytime
> the game engine is updated is a win for end users.
> The downside is that you end up with two SRPMs of equal size (due to the
> new tarball containing the data files both for the data and the engine
> package).
>> Also AFAIK netpanzer doesn't get frequent package updates.
> That's been my experience in the past as well.  But the real question is
> whether the data files are updated at the same frequency as the
> engine... which has several permutations as well:
> 1) Does upstream update the data files when they release a new netpanzer
> tarball or do releases get made where the data files are unchanged?

I recall a release of code and no update to data. Once.

> 2) Is the package maintainer going to backport changes from upstream
> ever?  ie: if a segfault or security vulnerability were discovered in
> netpanzer, will you backport a fix from upstream instead of
> waiting for them to make their next release?

I generally go with the new release, as upstream seems to respond fairly

> If these cases occur then end users will appreciate only having to get a
> new version of the engine without having to download the data.

Agreed, but I think they do not, often anyway, for netpanzer.

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