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Re: maven...

On Fri, 2007-08-31 at 15:03 +0200, Oliver Falk wrote:
> Hi!
> As someone tried to rebuild maven stuff in dist-f8? If I look into koji,
> it doesn't seem so.

I briefly looked into it a couple of days ago. I got side-tracked with
some other stuff, but plan to get back to maven shortly.

> However, there are for sure problems with ant 1.7. ant 1.6.5 is good :-)

Yes, you're right unfortunately :( there are some compatibility issues
in modules like maven-artifact-ant that have classes inheriting from
ant.jar, as the api in ant has changed. I am going to try to patch them.

> I don't know if there might be other problems as well, but I would
> suggest to try rebuilding maven stuff...

By biggest worry is ppc. Last time it was tried, there were failures
specific to ppc. While it can be exclude arch'd, I would really like to
avoid doing that.

Here is the ppc bug for the record:


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