EPEL report week 26, 2007

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Sun Jul 1 15:15:24 UTC 2007


= Weekly EPEL Summary =

Week 26/2007

== Most important happenings ==

 * Jeff Sheltren is new Steering Committee member (he replaces Axel
Thimm, who left some weeks ago). Welcome Jeff!

 * wiki docs will be ready and reviewed soon; @everyone: everything fine
with the docs? anything missing?

 * things that need do be done before EPEL announcement: fix broken
deps, final repo layout, check if everything is okay

== EPEL SIG Meeting ==

=== Attending ===

>From the Steering Committee:

 * Jeff_S (Jeff Sheltren)
 * knurd (ThorstenLeemhuis)
 * mmcgrath (MikeMcGrath)
 * nirik (KevinFenzi)
 * quiad (KarstenWade)

Missing from the Steering Committee:

 * dgilmore (DennisGilmore)
 * stahnma (MichaelStahnke)

Others that participated the meeting: notting, rdieter, f13, _blah_

=== Summary ===

 * bodhi/testing repo/final repo layout – nirik/lmacken

  * the plan is to move on using plague and the extras push scripts for
the near future; koji plus bodhi later (hopefully soon; needs koji
improvements that need to be written)

  * we move the current repo down one level (hardlinking the files, to
make mirrors happy) into a subdirectory "stable" to leave room on the
server for other EPEL in the future (that might happen or not).

  * we freeze the current repo and make the testing repo the default
target for now and hand-move packages over to the stable repo when
needed manually (information flow: via wiki) – e.g. new packages that
were in testing for some days as well as important bugfixes (security,
hard crashers, ...)

 * finish the wiki docs and remove the warnings by end of may – quaid

  * quaid and Jess_S are working on it; seems to be in the final stages

 * unresolved deps / packages missing in owners.epel.list

  * we should solve the broken deps soon (needed before announcement);

  * nirik will poke maintainers (help from SIG members would likely be

  * mmcgrath will try to set up the broken deps checker script somewhere
that spmas maintainers and the list in case of broken deps

  * should we try to bug c4chris, so he runs his package status script
for epel as well?

  * vacant seat in the steering committee

  * Jeff_S was elected by the Steering Committee members to fill Axel's seat

 * Free discussion around EPEL

  * _blah_> "i've requested a few packages from fedora maintainers that
have not gotten back to me... what is the next step in getting those
packages into epel?"; knurd mailed the Fedora list about this; see
revisit next week

  * notting> "do we want a separate excludearch tracker for epel, or
piggyback on the fedora one?" -> moved to the list, revisit next week

  * f13> "has there been any progress on the RHX issue?" - quaid is
supposed to do some looking into it IIRC

=== Full Log ===


== Stats ==

=== General ===

Number of EPEL Contributors 101

We welcome 3 new contributors: mcepl_AT_redhat.com,
qspencer_AT_ieee.org, skvidal_AT_linux.duke.edu

=== EPEL 5 ===

Number of source packages: 405

Number of binary packages:  736

There are 12 new Packages:
 * bzr | Friendly distributed version control system
 * cvs2svn | CVS to Subversion Repository Converter
 * glpk | GNU Linear Programming Kit
 * itcl | Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk
 * python-dateutil | Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
 * python-feedparser | Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
 * python-matplotlib | Python plotting library
 * python-memcached | A Python memcached client library
 * python-paramiko | A SSH2 protocol library for python
 * pytz | World Timezone Definitions for Python
 * re2c | Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions
 * yum-utils | Utilities based around the yum package manager

=== EPEL 4 ===

Number of source packages: 252

Number of binary packages:  529

There are 4 new Packages:
 * cvs2svn | CVS to Subversion Repository Converter
 * itcl | Object oriented extensions to Tcl and Tk
 * python-feedparser | Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python
 * re2c | Tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions


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