koji failed to build srpm file [missing file]

SmootherFrOgZ lxtnow at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 15:03:42 UTC 2007

Hi folks,

After updated the spec files and added a new patch (cvs add patch_file) and
then cvs commit'ed.
koji fails to build the srpm file:
the error is that its doesn't find the patch i just added.

After done an cvs checkout, this patch file has been well imported.

]$ cvs co gnome-sharp
cvs checkout: Updating gnome-sharp
U gnome-sharp/Makefile
U gnome-sharp/import.log
U gnome-sharp/pkg.acl
cvs checkout: Updating gnome-sharp/F-7
U gnome-sharp/F-7/.cvsignore
U gnome-sharp/F-7/Makefile
U gnome-sharp/F-7/branch
U gnome-sharp/F-7/gnome-sharp-2.15.0-libdir.patch
U gnome-sharp/F-7/gnome-sharp-2.16.0-automake-1.10.patch
U gnome-sharp/F-7/gnome-sharp.spec
U gnome-sharp/F-7/sources
cvs checkout: Updating gnome-sharp/devel
U gnome-sharp/devel/.cvsignore
U gnome-sharp/devel/Makefile
U gnome-sharp/devel/gnome-sharp-2.15.0-libdir.patch
U gnome-sharp/devel/gnome-sharp-2.16.0-automake-1.10.patch
U gnome-sharp/devel/gnome-sharp.spec
U gnome-sharp/devel/sources
cvs checkout: Updating common
U common/Makefile
U common/Makefile.common
U common/branches
U common/cvs-import.sh

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