Looking for people to trade reviews with.

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Fri Jul 13 14:11:02 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I've got a number of packager for which its close to impossible to find a 
reviewer. I'm looking for people todo a 100% "technical" review of this, iow 
just check if it matches the guidelines. I'm afraid that there is no-one with 
the expertise to also check if things like the used configure flags etc are 
sane. However I've poured a ton of time in to this. For researching how to best 
do this amongst other things, so I'm pretty sure everything is ok. You will 
just have to trust me on my blue ^H^H^H^H brown eyes for that. I've tested 
these packages to compile a variety of software for the involved hardware and 
the resulting binaries worked fine.

Here is the list:
* avr-libc
   C library for use with GCC on Atmel AVR microcontrollers

* arm-gp2x-linux-binutils
   Cross Compiling GNU binutils targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

* arm-gp2x-linux-kernel-headers
   Kernel headers for Cross Compiling to arm-gp2x-linux

* arm-gp2x-linux-gcc
   Cross Compiling GNU GCC targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

* arm-gp2x-linux-glibc
   Cross Compiled GNU C Library targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

* arm-gp2x-linux-SDL
   Cross Compiled SDL Library targeted at arm-gp2x-linux

* arm-gp2x-linux-zlib
   Cross Compiled zlib Library targeted at avr

I'm more then willing to review a package of yours in return.

Thanks & Regards,



The list of libraries is not complete yet, I've got more libs packaged up, I 
need to polish the specfiles a bit before submitting them, but first lets 
tackle the above list.

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