resolution for python-imaging in EPEL

Joel Andres Granados jgranado at
Mon Jul 16 13:39:52 UTC 2007

Hi all:

reference : BZ#246444

I have 1 of 2 choices:

1) upload the 1.1.5 source to EPEL cvs and build against EPEL/el5.  
AFAIK, the python-imaging package is out of repositories and EPEL/el5 
has not gone public yet (it has been bumped to July 26).  But I'm still 
unsure if this has nasty side effects (regarding the nvr comparison) 
with the user doing an upgrade.  I really don't want to do this, because 
if some user has python-imaging from EPEL/el4 and wants to upgrade to 
EPEL/el5, the upgrade will not see the python-imaging from EPEL/el5.  
OTOH, I could be mistaken and thats why I ask. :)

2)The only two packages that use python-imaging are Plone and 
python-docutils.  They make use of the standard library Image in the 
package and I'm pretty sure that that specific library, and the whole 
python-imaging library is backward compatible with the previous version 
(waiting for confirmation from upstream).  So I would leave it as it 
is.  It doesn't really break anything and the nvr is left alone.

IMO 2 is the way to go.

Comments greatly appreciated.

Joel Andres Granados

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