Package EVR problems in Fedora 2007-07-17

Alain PORTAL aportal at
Wed Jul 18 07:33:36 UTC 2007


I don't understand this report, there is no package EVR problems in the 
following packages:

Le Tuesday 17 July 2007 22:41:59 buildsys at, vous avez écrit :
> aportal AT
>     fcron
>       FE6 > F7 (0:3.0.3-1.fc6 > 0:3.0.2-2.fc7)

F7 is 3.0.3-1.fc7 and not 3.0.2-2.fc7, see

>     kbackup
>       FE6 > F7 (0:0.5.1-7.fc6 > 0:0.5.1-2.fc6)

F7 is 0.5.1-7.fc7 and not 0.5.1-2.fc6, see

>     pikloops
>       FE6 > F7 (0:0.2.2-5.fc6 > 0:0.2.1-6.fc6)

F7 is 0.2.2-5.fc7 and not 0.2.1-6.fc6, see

Where is the problem?

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