Building firefox- for rawhide

Kai Engert kengert at
Fri Jul 20 09:10:19 UTC 2007

Mamoru Tasaka schrieb:
> Kai Engert wrote, at 07/20/2007 05:36 PM +9:00:
>> Jesse Keating schrieb:
>>> This was previously just built on Fedora 7, but it needs to be built on
>>> devel/ as well for rawhide.  It's building now, might hit before the
>>> rawhide composes starts.  Not sure.  Just a heads up that once it does
>>> land, you all that build against firefox will need to rebuild your
>>> packages against it, preferably before the Test1 freeze.
>> I tried to rebuild yelp and devhelp.
>> They both fail with an error that surprises me and I don't understand.
>> When attempting to build yelp, it fails complaining "Error: Missing 
>> Dependency: gecko-libs = is needed by package yelp" ( 
>> is the old one).
> I wrote the reason for this just ten minutes before you wrote this :)
> Mamoru


thanks a lot for your analysis of the cause.
I filed bug 249000.


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