[SECURITY] Fedora 7 Update: clamav-0.90.3-1.fc7

Till Maas opensource at till.name
Fri Jul 20 18:02:53 UTC 2007

On Friday 20 July 2007 19:09:22 Dmitry Butskoy wrote:

> Why not to add Clamav to your minit-scripts.spec as well? Why this way
> of packaging (separate -sysv) should be seen for all Fedora people now?

The answer is already in this thread, without the subpackage the package would 
a require a lot of packages, that are not needed for the package to work.

> Certainly it could be a hint for community to do similar sub-packages
> for all the init scripts, but it seems that that way was not accepted...

The package passed review, so it was accepted. Imho it is good to reduce the 
amount of packages that have to be installed without really needing them and 
for me it is pretty obvious, why there is an extra -sysv subpackage. There 
are often also X11 subpackages, when one programm has an X and a textmode 
interface, e.g. vim.


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