Package orphan notice: upx, ucl, ksensors

Jon Ciesla limb at
Thu Jul 26 21:39:38 UTC 2007

> Hello,
> I've had upx, ucl and ksensors listed in Wiki as potentially orphaned for
> quite a while.  I'm planning to go ahead and orphan them for real pretty
> soon
> now.  They have no dependencies in Fedora as far as I can tell, and the
> packages should be in a good shape.  If you're interested, now would be a
> good time to speak up.

I'll take upx and ucl.

> Also still listed as "potentially orphaned" are the following packages,
> these
> could really use a new or a co-maintainer: cvsgraph, cvsweb, openct,
> opensc,
> pcsc-perl, pcsc-tools.  I've additionally contacted the maintainers of
> packages depending on perl-IPC-Run, perl-Set-IntSpan and perl-Text-Iconv
> as I
> no longer will have use for those three in the nearish future.
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