tag libgeotiff-1.2.4-0.3.rc1.fc7 from update-candidates -> update

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at gmx.net
Fri Jul 27 13:43:17 UTC 2007

On Fri, 27 Jul 2007 15:18:13 +0200, Balint Cristian wrote:

> Hello !
>   I would like to move into updates from update-candidates this package:
> libgeotiff-1.2.4-0.3.rc1.fc7 
> Reason:
>    1) package is new but is needed by latest gdal which will be a bugfix release GeoTIFF enabled one.
>    2) without this i cannot build bugfix release of gdal plus enable the long waited geotiff functions in gdal.
>    3) without geotiff support gdal is pretty useless, we solved license proble of geotiff recently so i would like to enable it.
>    4) grass bugfix release is olso pending on top of these twho sub libraries. 
> I did the same for FC-6  i had no problem.

Do it with bodhi, the F7 Updates System.

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