orphaning packages

Shahms King shahms at shahms.com
Mon Jul 30 20:27:43 UTC 2007


I have, unfortunately, been unable to provide adequate maintenance of
my packages due to a change in day job and the increasing demands that
places on my free time.  As much as I've enjoyed being able to
contribute to Fedora, the current demands on my time preclude my
continued participation.  I've managed to find co-maintainers for many
of my packages (largely because they volunteered when they noticed my
waning responsiveness to requests), but the following still need some
love and care:


'bazaar' is the original baz, which has largely been superseded and
may very well be obsolete at this point (not entirely sure, as I
haven't been able to keep up with it).  Some of the other packages may
also be obsolete (psycopg, for example has been replaced upstream by
psycopg2, IIRC).  I'm throwing this out there so that any of you with
any interest in these packages may pick them up.  I'm happy to file
CVS change request bugs for these things, if necessary, but the
packages are up for grabs.  I've also entered the above packages on
the OrphanedPackages list.


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