Help needed, GStreamer issue on PPC64

Bastien Nocera bnocera at
Mon Jul 30 21:05:45 UTC 2007


If you have a PPC64 machine at hand, you can help all the
GStreamer-based packages get better plugin detection in their configure

Currently, to initialise the plugin registry, we run
"/usr/bin/gst-inspect-0.10 --print-all > /dev/null", in the spec file.

The problem is that a plugin is causing problems on PPC64, causing the
above command to fail. Not having access to a PPC64, I can't find which
plugin is causing problems.

Would anyone have some time, or remote access to a (virtual) machine
where I could reproduce this problem? Otherwise, I'll have to try and
get someone to buy me a PS3 ;)

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