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Re: naming scheme for fonts packages?

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
IMHO (which if worth what it's worth) you're not packaging generic fonts
for tibetan but a specific font project, and it deserves name recognition
just like any other upstream. So upstreamname-fonts seems more respectful
for me.

Then a followup question: if there is only 1 (truetype) font in a font package should the package name be "upstreamname-fonts" or "upstreamname-font"? :)

The latter seems semantically more logical, the former more syntactically consistent. It is easy to search for /most/ fonts packages now with "rpm -qa '*fonts*'", but on the other hand it is a bit strange to call something *-fonts if it only contains a single font? So which gives? :)

Any comments on this?

Thanks, Jens

ps I guess another aspect is one can never be sure that a project with one font now, in the future will not have more than one, or vice versa even. (Debian uses package names like "ttf-name" for truetype fonts.)

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