Post-merge howto and FAQ

Nigel Jones dev at
Tue May 8 03:20:04 UTC 2007

> Hi All,
> Due to popular demand, I sat down and wrote up a brief howto for
> handling packages in the merged world.  Given that I'm almost guaranteed
> to have not answered all the questions, it's living under:
> for the moment.  Hopefully it will give the package maintainers a high
> level overview of what to do and how to do it.  Feel free to ask
> questions and I (or others) will try to address them.
> Once we get a decent enough document in place, the content can be
> generalized and we'll update the main packaging documents with the
> appropriate information.
> josh
Very nice article, only one question/thing that could be added:

How does this effect new packages going through package review?

As an example:

windowlab (new package, added just before merge), was imported into plague
with fe7-merge as a tag, fe7-merge is inherited by f7-final, so I'm
assuming here that they are included.

ocaml-{SDL,camlimages} & freetennis (new packages, can't be built quite
yet but were added to Koji after merge) are all set to have dist-f7.  Will
I when they are built, have to ask releng to add them to f7-final? (It'd
seem a bit weird going freetennis in FC-6, not in F-7 but in F-8 ;))

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