Status of the merge

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Wed May 2 22:04:31 UTC 2007

Merge is going well now.  A bunch of hiccups early on as we moved our test 
scripts into acting with real bits and databases and such, but now that 
that's over...

Current extras package owners and packages from owners.list have been imported 
into koji, for the fe7-merge tag (a staging tag I'm using in case something 
goes wrong and we have to start over).

Content from Core cvs is being merged with content from Extras CVS in a new 
cvs root.  This process will take quite a while and generate a lot of email.  

The latest Core packages have been synced, a few more will be synced tomorrow 
as the builds that were in progress when we started the outage are tagged if 

The latest Extras builds for development are currently being imported into 
koji.  This will take a long time too, but thankfully no email should be 

These tasks are likely to take through the night, and given such, I expect 
most of us will try to get a good nights sleep for the uphill battle that 
will come tomorrow when we try to hook up and turn all of this back on for 
developers to use.

A document about the new layout/procedure is underway and should be finished 
at some point tomorrow.

For those interested, here are some reference items: ( The main koji web interface ) ( overall topic 
and status ) ( specific to 
the CVS merge )

Thank you for all your patience as we try to make this dream come true!

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora
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