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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

Mr. Frye calls me out.  Well done, sir.

OK, so.  What is Fedora?

Many separate projects with different, but complementary goals.  At the 
center: Fedora Core, a quick-moving, completely open, multipurpose OS.

What is Fedora's Goal?

To make quality free software available to everyone in the world who wants 

Build from there.  :)


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On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Matt Frye wrote:

> On 8/10/05, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> > This is not a matter of our failure to define Fedora properly to the
> > community.  
> I disagree.  The nebulous fog of an idea's worth of a vague notion
> that comprises the first paragraph on fedora.redhat.com is an inherent
> failure.  Like it or not, it's the first Google'd hit on "fedora," and
> it doesn't do Fedora justice.
> We have also failed to define what Fedora is *not*.  The community is
> looking at Fedora and seeing a pot of code, not a server, not a
> desktop, not any of the things we might like them to see.  Are they
> seeing what they want to see?  Hell yeah, because we're not telling
> them what *we* want then to see.  Our roadmap is equally nebulous.
> LiveCD? One-CD install? DVD? Put that in the roadmap.
> Since I know Greg's response will be something like, "So what *you*
> think we should do Mr. Frye?," here are some suggestions:
> 1) Stop spending time on decisions that we don't get to make, e.g..
> logos  - it's just an example, but there will be more like it.
> 2) Build a plan that's actionable, i.e. one that Red Hat's real
> marketing team will allow us to execute.  Ultimately, any real chances
> that we want to take must be approved.  Red Hat 2005 isn't the Red Hat
> of 1998, and we don't have real autonomy.
> 3) Market with information, not just hats and t-shirts.  Make it cds,
> books, dvds, etc.  Organize speakers for LUGs.  Be one.  That's what
> they really need!
> That's just for starters.  
> > Beyond that, I don't know that there's much to say.  The only way forward
> > with Fedora is to build the community of developers, and increase the
> > quality of the offering over time.  That's all.
> How about challenging the "Fedora sucks" guy to a debate?  Sometimes
> that's all it takes (see Martin Luther), but shouldn't just ignore it.
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