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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

I dont think dropping the fedora.redhat.com is a good id.
Same ID as killing you parents.

a referal to fedoraproject.org is a good id.

Rahul Sundaram wrote:


If people believe this to be the right idea, I believe that we can
convince Mr. Vidal without too much difficulty. For instance, Alex is already maintaining the lion's share of FUDCon content at fp.org. Why? Because it's easier.

Right. Just pointing that the focus of the site needs to be changed

Let me rephrase:

We would keep fedora.redhat.com to acknowledge Fedora's association with Red Hat, and the "page of links" would be links to fedoraproject.org. We can't just make f.r.c disappear.

I suppose we could redirect DNS, though. But I think f.r.c has a (minimal) place.

Fedora.redhat.com redirects to fedoraproject.org sounds fine. What do you think is the purpose served by f.r.c?


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