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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, seth vidal wrote:

> > But again, "why Fedora"?  For those who are not already converted, it's 
> > the most important question we can answer, and as Paul points out, we're 
> > not currently doing a very good job of it.
> > 
> > Maybe this one question merits its own marketing meeting.  :)
> > 
> An odd selling point for me:
> Use RHEL? Wanna influence directly the stuff that gets into RHEL and the
> development direction? Wanna cut your teeth on new technologies that
> will show up in RHEL, later? Then help out with Fedora.

"Odd," as in, "you don't think it matters"?  Because it matters deeply to 
some of our actual customers, and that's important to us.  But maybe 
that's the messaging we give in RH-land, not in Fedora-land.


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