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Re: Desktop Linux

Karsten Wade wrote:

On Tue, 2005-08-16 at 20:17 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:


Aza dotzler presentation on requirements for Desktop Linux is a relevant article for what is appealing to the target audience


Owch, painful to read presentation. Guess my desktop isn't ready for it.

This is the usual chicken-egg problem.  He is full of what desktop
developers should do.

There are a few good points in there, which are overshadowed by problems
not addressed.  For example, how does he propose getting all of these
preferences off a proprietary file system and out of proprietary
applications?  To live side-by-side, Windows needs to be installed on a
FAT file system, which is usually not the case in the NTFS world.

I appreciate that Linux desktop developers are trying to do better than
just to cater to Windows users.

People act like Windows is the be-all of computer experience.  People
get used to changes because they have to.  Linux desktop being
widespread will likely come about for the same reason Windows got
widespread -- businesses adopted it, users got used to it at work, and
they brought it home.

When that happens, I will be proud that we didn't produce a Windows

- Karsten

The presentation speaks for itself as to why Linux can't get across. -Sam Hiser


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