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Re: Unfortunate articles

Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

For those that haven't seen the post.

I would like to congratulate Rahul on remaining calm I'm not sure how
many valiums (typo possibly) you took but just reading it I was getting
angry at his constant criticisms which didn't entail offering any help.

I understand he's entitled to his opinion and I sorta appreciate it
however at what point does it stop :(

Remember that many of the opinionated people have a lot of energy which means that you can convince them to be constructive critics or even voracious participants. Pay more attention to any valid criticism that you might getting and try to address that directly. So the action plan is pretty neat

* Send feedback and suggestions to authors of outdated material pointed out there (done)
* Myths page for correcting widely spread misinformation (done)

* Show progress in the docs-list by

* Contact the unofficial Fedora guide maintainer and ask him to cooperate with the uofficial Fedora FAQ maintainer to ensure cooperation (done)
*Autobuild system and weekly reviews instead of stuff being hidden in the docs cvs. Actively call out for participants to show up their nice faces ( work in progress)
* Make release notes more useful by making it easier for developers to mark stuff as release notes worthy (done) ?

What are the major accomplishments of this list?. can we have a canonical page for that?

What else?


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