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Who's the Fedora user?

This is one potential user of Fedora: Judy, from Arizona.  She sent in a 
letter to the editor of Red Hat Magazine that makes me weep inside.

What do we have to say to her?


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Subject: [CM] RE: Red Hat | Training News | Americas | August 2005
Date: 24 Aug 2005 14:58:40 -0000
From: azgjudy azgalaxyonline com
To: <bblell redhat com>
CC: Support <support-byzukdeavsdrjebc9mkazb7v1zzhgs-r redhat com>

Dear Red Hat,  I hope you will get this e-mail.  I am a single user
computer person.  I put yes down - so I could receive your e-mails.
To tell you the truth I do not know why.  Your main emphasis seems to
be on business.  I switched from Windows because I thought it would
be safer and healthier all the way round.  To tell you the truth I
feel totally lost in your system.  I cannot use my CDs that have
games.  I downloaded a game I had paid for.  No way could I get it to
work.  I wrote to Linux Game.  Their directions were like Greek, and
I only speak English.  I tried to download the anti-virus I use.
They have a version for Linux.  No way did I get that.  I looked
into your training, but that is extremely costly.  I have bought
books.  It all come s down to the fact There is little I am able to
do with Linux.  Mostly I would like to have a plug-in that works, as
to the fact there are many things I am unable to open, including some
mail, because I can find no way to do it.  Dear Red Hat - what are
you doing for us little people out here?  I am no further today than
I was the day this was installed.  Thank you, Judy D.

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From: redhat info redhat com
To: azgjudy azgalaxyonline com
Subject: RE: Red Hat | Training News | Americas | August 2005
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 14:36:21 -0000

>Red Hat | Training News | August 2005
>* August trivia question
>* Summer gear promotion almost over
>* Training press: What certification means to you (Certification
>  Magazine)
>* Red Hat news: Red Hat Network adds monitoring tool, Solaris support
>* South American training news:  "Capacitar para progresar" (Latin
>  Source Tech) 
>* Ask the expert: Red Hat Training Q & A
>* Tips from RHCEs: Remote controlled desktops without VNC
>Late last year CertCities.com picked Red Hat Certified Engineer
>as the _____ hottest IT certification for 2005.
>A) 1st   
>B) 3rd   
>C) 5th   
>D) 10th  
>E) None of the above
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>summer gear.  Sign up for select summer North American training
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>"[M]ost qualified candidates feel that their experience speaks for
>itself, but as Linux becomes more prevalent in the corporate
>environment, more potential employers are looking for certifications
>a benchmark of the candidate's knowledge and experience in skill sets
>relevant to the job at hand. This month, I'll help you to understand
>which certifications corporations are looking for - and why."
>--> Read the full article.
>"Red Hat has announced a new monitoring tool it says will support
>Solaris as well as its own Linux offerings.  The Red Hat Network
>Monitoring Module is built on the company's Red Hat Network (RHN), a
>web-based systems management tool used to monitor and schedule
>for subscribed Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. RHN allows
>administrators to track errata for their systems, create common
>profiles for groups of systems, and allow for rollback of problematic
>updates.  The RHN Monitoring Module adds four key pieces of
>--> Read the full article. 
>--> Article: "Capacitar para progresar": 
>--> South American course schedule and special offers.
>Email capacitacion latinsourcetech com for further information.
>ASK THE EXPERT: Red Hat Training Q & A
>Q: I am a computer software engineer and I have Linux+, OCA (Oracle
>Certified Association), and OCP (Oracle Certified Professional)
>certifications.  I am familiar with Red Hat and I want to improve my
>position.  Can a Red Hat certification help enhance my career and get
>a job with a large international company?
>Best Regards,
>Alireza Rahmani
>A: Thanks for your question Alireza.  While it's impossible to ensure
>that any professional certification will universally lead to
>increased responsibility, or high-paying positions with large
>industry analysts agree that RHCT and RHCE are both likely to boost
>employment options and overall career standing. Recently,
>Magazine and Fairfield Research ranked the RHCE the most valuable
>certificaiton in all of IT.  In addition, according to numerous
>surveys, Red Hat certifications are one of a handful of IT
>that command double digit annual salary increases.
>So while nobody can guarantee that a certification will lead to
>automatic career success, most would agree that RHCT and RHCE are
>guarantees of competency that resonate with colleagues and employers
>-->Submit a question.
> ask-the-expert redhat com 
>In Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 the GNOME desktop is provided with a
>like service called vino.  It will allow a vnc client to remotely
>control the logged in users native GNOME desktop and enable desktop
>--> Read more.
>B) 3rd
>In December, CertCities.com ranked Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)
>the third hottest IT certification for 2005.  
>-> Read the full article here.

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