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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> This is one potential user of Fedora: Judy, from Arizona. 
> She sent in a letter to the editor of Red Hat Magazine that
> makes me weep inside.
> What do we have to say to her?

Oh, this is a simple one.
1.  Terminology
2.  Red Hat provides services, but Linux is a community
3.  Linux software on Windows

First off, you explain that you apologize but there is a
great shift in terminology from Windows to UNIX-like systems
including Linux.  This is often part of the learning curve,
much like a Macintosh can be for a Windows user as well.

Secondly, you explain that Red Hat services, including
business, are often for a price, just as Microsoft services
are.  But both are geared towards business.  But the great
think about Linux, unlike Windows, is that there community of
users -- most likely already local to her -- that are more
than willing to help her for free.

[ Send her info on her local Linux user group ]

Third, you can point out that Linux can run on Windows, in
the form of spyware-free, virus-free Free Software like
Firefox, OpenOffice.org, etc...  If she is finding the
interface and greek of a UNIX-like system too much, she can
greatly benefit from running a lot of the Linux software on
Windows, instead of going directly to Linux today.  And
because she will be saving all new data in all new formats,
when she eventually does switch to Linux, the transition will
be much easier.

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