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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
This is one potential user of Fedora: Judy, from Arizona. She sent in a letter to the editor of Red Hat Magazine that makes me weep inside.

What do we have to say to her?


Dear Red Hat, I hope you will get this e-mail. I am a single user computer person. I put yes down - so I could receive your e-mails. To tell you the truth I do not know why. Your main emphasis seems to be on business. I switched from Windows because I thought it would be safer and healthier all the way round. To tell you the truth I feel totally lost in your system. I cannot use my CDs that have games. I downloaded a game I had paid for. No way could I get it to work. I wrote to Linux Game. Their directions were like Greek, and I only speak English. I tried to download the anti-virus I use. They have a version for Linux. No way did I get that. I looked into your training, but that is extremely costly. I have bought books. It all come s down to the fact There is little I am able to do with Linux. Mostly I would like to have a plug-in that works, as to the fact there are many things I am unable to open, including some mail, because I can find no way to do it. Dear Red Hat - what are you doing for us little people out here? I am no further today than I was the day this was installed. Thank you, Judy D.


I feel your pain on this one - here is someone who has heard all of the good things about Linux and Fedora but cannot translate what she has heard into a useable system for her.

As Jeff mentioned, he feels that he is in the 1% tail of geekdom which will never be able to translate the tech speak into everyday terms.

Why don't we take this opportunity to ask Judy/Sue/whoever about the barriers that she actually came up against - did she go to Google and be over-run with the many countless options available?

One of the things people enjoy is belonging - if we could convince Judy/Sue and perhaps a couple of other total newbies to 'reality check' documentation such as the installation guide then that would be worth a fortune to Fedora and the FDP. Emphasise that this is important to us - it's obviously important to Judy/Sue to succeed in Linux!

I'm going to suggest a moving to Fedora from Windows FAQ for absolute newbies, but I'm going to do this on the docs-list.



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