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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

On 24/08/05, Patrick Barnes wrote:

> One of the complaints we hear the most is about games that do not work.
> Because Windows and Linux are different operating systems, Linux cannot
> run programs that were built for Windows. 

Old Linux games don't work either, since newbies simply don't know
where to get missing compatibility libraries.

> As an alternative, there are
> many games available for Linux. A lot of these are available as packages
> for Red Hat's distribution. There is a big advantage here: they're free!

Please don't turn your reply into a joke. "There are many games
available for Linux"? Huh? Really? Linux is not even at the beginning
of being a competitor in the games market.

> If there are games for Windows that you really want to get running, you
> can look into Transgaming's Cedega. This is a commercial program that
> may be able to get some of your Windows games running under Linux.

Do you have special experience with this to back up your "may be able"
theory? I would be very (!) careful with a statement/recommendation
like that.
> One of the best ways to really get moving with Linux is to get in touch
> with the community.

Right. And seek for a real dialogue, not just poorly written letters
which lack any details and give the impression of somebody doing some

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