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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

This whole thread is an example of why we can't answer Judy. ;)

If I got this letter, I would respond to her directly with an offer to
help her get some of these things done, and show her places I go to
find information or apps or games or plug-ins. Where people like me --
that might also help her next time -- also hang out.

Judy was not born with the knowledge of Windows, Word or any of the
games she is looking to play. I know nothing of her personally, but
I'll bet if she learned Windows enough to be content, she can learn
Linux. She doesn't need a lecture on free v. Free, or how she's not
ready for Linux or how it's not ready for her. She doesn't need anyone
to point out all the things she can't do, when it's probably a much
shorter list to lay out what she can do.

She needs a letter like Patrick took a whack at. Then she'll *see*
Linux is not a product, but a community and we won't have to tell her.


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