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Mailing lists, redux

OK, so we need to come to a decision on how Fedora mailing lists will work
as we grow, because we're starting to get requests from various folks to
start them up.

We've got the following options to consider:

1. Continuing to host mailing lists at Red Hat.  This is the easiest 
option, and considering that Red Hat sponsors lots of mailing lists, no 
big deal, really.  We've got a good infrastructure for getting them 
created relatively quickly.

2. Move mailing lists to fedoraproject.org.  Other than independence from 
redhat.com, what does this buy us?  What is this independence from 
redhat.com worth?  And is Seth even willing/able to maintain this?

3. Have mailing lists anywhere and everywhere; whoever wants to set up a 
mailing list can set up a mailing list, and we can link them all and note
them as "authoritative project list" or not as we see fit.

Let's get some answers, and quick.  I've got 3 requests for mailing lists 
@redhat.com waiting on the burner. 


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