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Re: Mailing lists, redux

On Fri, 2005-12-02 at 20:57 -0600, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> My first instinct is to vote for #2.  I like the long-term goal of the
> Fedora Project becoming more autonomous and independent -- or at least
> giving that appearance.  I know it would take a great deal of effort to
> move everything over, and I'm not sure we have the resources to do it at
> this time.  Perhaps when there is more muscle behind fedoraproject.org,
> we can pull this off.  I'm willing to go with #1 in the meantime. 
> Something else that we might hear is that a difficult move is best to do
> now and get it over with, and I would normally agree, but I'm not
> convinced that we are really in the best position to pull it off right
> now.  How about we go with #1 right now and, if the demand is present,
> we review this in 6 months?

My question on this is why wouldn't RH be allowed to donate this
service?  Why is it viewed to be 'closed' or at least not 'open' if RH
helps out?  RH is some how excluded from contributing because it is a
commercial corporation?

Just curious.

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