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Re: Mailing lists, redux

Am Freitag, den 02.12.2005, 13:40 -0500 schrieb Greg DeKoenigsberg: 
> We've got the following options to consider:
> 1. Continuing to host mailing lists at Red Hat.  This is the easiest 
> option, and considering that Red Hat sponsors lots of mailing lists, no 
> big deal, really.  We've got a good infrastructure for getting them 
> created relatively quickly.
> 2. Move mailing lists to fedoraproject.org.  Other than independence from 
> redhat.com, what does this buy us?  What is this independence from 
> redhat.com worth?  And is Seth even willing/able to maintain this?
> 3. Have mailing lists anywhere and everywhere; whoever wants to set up a 
> mailing list can set up a mailing list, and we can link them all and note
> them as "authoritative project list" or not as we see fit.

I'd vote for proposal 1 but can also live with solution 2 -- the
fedoraproject.org domain name in the list name is nice, but not worth
moving everything (I'm probably not the only one that has to adjust a
lot of procmails rules after such a move -- yes, thats easy, but still
annoying). I don't like 3. 

But while we are talking about maillinglists I'd like two propose two
other things:

- Remove the stupid "Repy-To" munging that currently happens on a lot of
lists. It seems to confuse a lot of people. See also:

- I think we should add "devel" to the name of these lists:

No, this is not important, but it avoids confusion for the users. With
"devel" in the name it's obvious that this is for devel discussions.
Yes, there will still be people that don't get it, but that will always

These lists are quite in any case -- do we still need them?

Just my 2 cent.
Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>

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