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Meeting Between European Ambassadors (MBEA)

Hai there,

Im launching the first Meeting Between European Ambassadors (MBEA)
next tuesday. http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/MBEA
It is NOT intended to replace the global meeting on each thursday. But
only to give the opportunity to European Ambassadors know each other
and be aware of the upcoming events. Just like a team.

It would be also an opportunity for some EU ambassadors (or any other
amba) to catch up missed meetings on thursday. I personnally would
suggest that the MBEA be held once a month or twice a month. Any EU
ambassador can take the respondibility hold a meeting at any time.

By default, ive chosen next tuesday
If any EU amba is not free or can't be present on the MBEAs, they can
request changes. These changes will also depend on the availibility of
other EU ambas.

This first meeting would be like a small introduction and could last
for one hour. Ive create a wiki page to get things moving in an
orderly manner. Your participation (Especially EU ambas) can really
launch this EU meeting successfully. Do modify the wiki to share
maximum revelant information.


Chitlesh GOORAH

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