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Foss.in - Fedora report


Foss.in was a rather unique combination of world wide speakers on various topics. Alan Cox was a pretty big celebrity and gave a speech on participation and kernel device drivers (quite a crowd puller) . James Morris who gave a couple of speeches on SELinux has blogged about this experiences.


There are various other interesting aspects on the conference but I will keep this short. From the Fedora perspective, Tejas talk went pretty well and he had his share of fun in the QA session ;-). The following things could be improved

* More variety of talks and BOFs on Fedora in different themes
* Get a better conference kit including banners, live cds, handouts and other goodies

Note to Ambassadors and myself:

Speakers need to be acquainted with the driving principles behind Fedora, governance models, various technologies being included in Fedora like SELinux or GFS, whats included in Fedora Core and Extras along with upcoming plans for Fedora and projects like Fedora Directory Server, Xen, System Tap and Frysk. If you are an ambassadors keep a lot of references handy to throw out for inquisitive people in the audience and be prepared to answer various tricky questions. Make sure you mention all the different ways to get involved or contribute. Keep a list of stats like download, number of packages, contributors etc. If you are going to organize a stall or give a speech make sure you prepare a list of all kind of crazy questions and shoot them out to the ambassadors list and get yourself acquainted before get on stage.


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