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Re: Selling systems with Fedora preloaded.

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Didn't know whether to ask this in another thread or not, but here
goes all the same.

Is there any updates to the guidelines for use by system builders to
be able to ship Fedora systems with some Fedora Extras packages from
the get go?

Also related, and I don't want to be a PITA here, what would be the
guidelines to have systems be labled as "based on Fedora"? Especially
what's the scope of logos and stuff like that when dealing with the
"based on" part. I'm especially interested, so we could ship our
systems with pre-loaded drivers for nVidia hardware[1]. The driver
license allows redistribution, granted the end user agrees to the
license. So I've thought a handful of solutions for that[2], but I
wonder if the introduction of such slight modifications (or
post-install modifications) would render us unable to use the Fedora
logo in the menu (for instance) or the GDM greeter screen, as well as
other concerns.

If what we want to do is plain impossible to do with Fedora, what
would you recommend?

[1] Despite the fact I don't like nVidia as a company, I'll have to
grant them that they're the only [High-End] graphics solutions that
work 100% and at full speed in Linux, which cannot be said for ATi and
their major speed problems, or about FOSS drivers which lack some
functionality due to patent encumberment.

[2] I would still have to weight in options here, but one is to have a
CD with all the custom, non Extras packages to do some sort of
post-installation configuration during first boot. I'll have to gather
more information for this, but one option would be to actually have a
program similar to system-config-packages with all the optional
software to be instlled during post-install configuration. Should a
package need a special license agreement (like media players or
drivers in this case), at confirmation the license(s) in question
would be displayed. If the user does not agree to these, these
packages won't be installed, but whatever other packages which fall
under the scope of the GPL as Free software will. Problem: How to make
a CD that Install Extra CDs during first boot will recognize and
launch the [add-on] packages installation program. As part of these a
slightly modified version of system-config-display would be included
to use the "nvidia" and "fglrx" drivers rather than the "nv" or
"radeon" drivers on supported nVidia/ATi graphics hardware.
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