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Re: Netcraft stats for web servers

On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 18:46 +0100, Gerold Kassube wrote:
> If we would like to watch statistics, we may not forget the statistics
> at distrowatch (http://www.distrowatch.com) which has a lot of settings
> which you can set ...
> The question in that case is: Should we have a look for such
> statistics? 
> One of my professor at the university told us ever: Never trust a
> statistic which is not faked by yourself :-) 

The reason to watch such statistics might be made as a corollary to your
professor's rule:  "Never trust an interpretation of widely available
statistics that is not faked by yourself."

In other words, people care about and watch such numbers.  We need to
know what they are and have an interpretation for those numbers, at
minimum to stand testament to someone else's story about those numbers.

For example, Fedora was not broken out from Red Hat for a long time.
Now I wonder, how much of Debian is Ubuntu?  I know it's a popular
desktop OS, but when it is used as a Web server, does it present itself
as straight Debian, in terms of how Netcraft tracks?

- Karsten
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