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Re: Fedora Tour

On 12/13/05, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:
> 1. How easy will it be to make the initial recording?  Can every
> ambassador be taught a dead-simple process?
Its very easy to use istanbul to create a video, the hard question to
answer is are the videos going to be high enough quality.  I've
documented what I think are reasonable settings to use to create
consistent videos on the wikipage.

> 2. How do we add voice-overs?  Do we keep a separate video and add audio
> tracks?
rjune documented his best efforts at adding audio tracks on the
wikipage. I'll see if I can get him to chime in as to what he things
are best practises. My estimation is that the audio is going to be the
hard part.

The other problem is you really need things to do the audio that
aren't available in Fedora Core+Extras to get this done.   A policy
decision will have to be made to either pull in adio applications
which support ogg into Extras or external applications will be
required. I don't think its in the best long term interests of the
project to require external applications, so we might need to consider
pulling in a variant of mplayer which is legal to house in Extras to
get this job done.

> 3. Where do we coordinate this work -- what infrastructure do we need?  Do
> we upload files to the wiki?  Do we put them in CVS?
I don't think there is much in the way of needed infrastructure needed
beyond the wiki and applications in Core and Extras.

I think we need to agree on system configuration to use as a baseline
for videos so videos will be "similar" enough to make a consistent
picture. You'd like to avoid things like different menu items across
videos for the collection of videos that are meant to be a Core tour. 
For non-tour one-off topics the desktop state can be allowed to vary a
bit. I think though for a "tour" you want it to be somewhat seamless
as a single video even if there are individual chapters.

> 4. Who does the voice-overs in different languages?
shrug.. hopefully native speakers for each language.

> 5. What's the final format?
theora, is there another reasonable choice that works out of the box?

> 6. Can it all be driven by volunteers?  :)
I don't see why not.

Here's how I think it should work initially. Choose a particular
"scene" from the tour that you want recorded. Write up  english
instructions, a script, that can be followed by video creators to
"shoot" the scene. Let a couple of people shoot the scene and
designate someone, (Rahul!!!!!!) to pick the best video from the
contributed ones or edit the script and let people re-shoot. Once a
reasonable video is in hand, move on to voice-overs, where people
speak a version of the script as an audio track.

If this works with one scene
Proposal for a test scene: "Updating your system with pup"
Scene begins just after gnome login is completed, last user action was
interacting with the
gdm login screen.
Scene ends with the desktop in a state as close to the starting state
as possible.


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