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Re: Fedora Tour

On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 00:43 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> It produces decent enough videos. Loses frames and sucks up resources at 
> times but its a good enough for a start neverthless. What we need to 
> think about is how to do voice overs in sync with the videos. Do you 
> guys have the recording equipment?.  If tools are a issue that cannot be 
> dealt with within the FC5 time frame we can settle in with simple 
> screenshots and text for now.  Just looking to add more visibility to 
> the different features in Fedora. Anyone could do that.

If we can't do voiceovers, can we to textovers ?  This would allow us to
translate AND service the hearing impaired.

I'd really like to see a station setup and maybe trial ran at LWCE
Boston (april).  I do believe Pogo would be agreeable to lend a system
again, they usually lend us something with a crapton of computing power.

Jesse Keating RHCE      (geek.j2solutions.net)
Fedora Legacy Team      (www.fedoralegacy.org)
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