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Re: Fedora Tour

Richard June wrote:

As Jef said, I've documented adding a voiceover, the hard part about it is getting the audio to sync with the video. Istanbul only records about every third frame or something, so you can't really get great and smooth video. What I did was sit down and write a script for the tutorial, then I recorded the video while speaking the audio to myself. This let me practice the audio, *and* gave me some idea of where I needed to pause, to wait, etc. This usually took two or three tries to get something I was happy with. Once I had a video, I started Audacity(any recorder should work). I recorded the audio track while watching the video, thus I knew the cues for waiting, etc. Again I recorded the track two or three times. then I cut and spliced the three of them together so that audio was smooth and matched video. My results aren't perfect by any stretch, and it took a bit of time to do it, but I was using a 1400Mhz Athlon with 256M ram at the time, and it was a learning experience. Anyway, here's the video, note the artifacts in the video. I think that has to do with the encoding properties and possibly the codec, using a 640x480 screen should result in better quality at the same size or so.

here's a link to the video if you're interested.

Pretty good video.Maybe a RFE to system-config-users to support enabling sudo without dropping down to using vi + text configuration files would be useful, while we are at it. More of these would be nice targets. What I think is worth covering initially is the Anaconda and other graphical system configuration tools ( System-config-*, pup etc).


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