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Event: Strasbourg (date partly finalised)

Hai there,
I have good news and maybe bad news.
Its Still fresh.

First as long awaited here in Strasbourg, France there will be an
"open source" day http://strasbourg.linuxfr.org/jl4/index on the 23-25
June 2006. This event will be intended as I mentioned in
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents to promote open source
softwares and linux.

If somebody is motivated to make a conference about fedora, do inform
me. Hence you will become the guest of our lug. We ( the lug members )
are looking forward to invite lecturers and to pay their journey and
hotel too. This needs to be confirmed. The money required to host the
lecturers will be from either paid entrance or companies paying for
the booth.

to rent a booth for fedora, we have to pay. Price will be communicated
later. There are also talks about free booth for associations. But
nothing yet confirmed.

Its possible to sell Fedora t-shirts or other goodies for fund
raising. But in this case, we must rent a booth for Fedora.

Now comes the "maybe" bad news:
this scheduled date for the event interfere  badly with two of MY
private life things:
1. I have already booked two tickets (my gf and I) to Mauritius.
2. my contract with the hostel ends in the beginning of June and
somebody will be occupying my actual room.

so meanwhile send your comments, queries or any other proposals :)

Chitlesh GOORAH

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