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Re: [Fedora-ambassadors-list] School, LUG, Non-profit Program- Marketing Mentor Call -

Hornain Frederic wrote:

Dear all,

I will be short.
Last friday I went to the french engineer computers school for my second interview with the principal of this one. FYI, the first one was just to establish the contact.

We have talked during few hours about Linux, Fedora and other Open source applications. Then we have planned to make an event in january as soon as I will received Fedora cd's from Alex.

Brief, this is what we have agreed upond the following action:

      - Make a Fedora Project overview for students and teachers.

      - Use Fedora at school - it is already the case -

      - Try to create a Fedora Linux group associated to school or LUG
      like which can be help the Fedora project as far as they can

      - Have a partnership with Fedora - That is for marketing - (see

      - Use "Fedora Project" logo and other Fedora marks as far as
      they respect the terms of the Trademark Guidelines (
      & http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal/TrademarkGuidelines )

Obviously, before to go futher I would like an approuvment from a Marketing Mentor for that.

I have no precise idea on whats expected from such a mentor but I can help you with this effort or atleast providing pointers. While we are on this topic, I think the following would help promoting Fedora for schools and colleges.

1) Build a Live CD based on Fedora repository packages (Core+Extras) targeted at schools. Get whatever packages into the repositories to make this happen
2) Build a installalable version of the same
3) Continue working on modifying the trademark guidelines to enable such things to happen under a Fedora banner.


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