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Patrick Barnes nman64 at
Thu Oct 6 15:53:58 UTC 2005

I wanted to start a discussion regarding the regular meeting time.  It
seems hard for a lot of people to make the current meeting time.  For
several people, it is late at night.  For others, it is early in the
morning.  For me, it conflicts with my morning commute.  Perhaps we can
come up with a time that is a little easier for the majority of our
participants.  In the few samples I've outlined below, I'm mostly
focusing on keeping the time acceptable to people in Australia and the
United States, as it seems that most of our participants are in one of
those two nations.

So, here's what we have (daylight savings accounted for):
18:00 UTC
01:00 Eastern Australia
11:00 Eastern U.S.
10:00 Central U.S.
8:00 Western U.S.
16:00 London

Some other options:
This one is my personal favorite.  It keeps the time from being too late
or too early for most of our participants.  This might have some
conflicts, though.
01:00 UTC
08:00 Eastern Australia - A little early
18:00 Eastern U.S. - Everyone at home?
17:00 Central U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
15:00 Western U.S. - Middle of the afternoon, any conflicts?
23:00 London - A bit late, but not unbearable

This one creates a conflict for me, but I might be able to fix that. 
Otherwise, it is a lot like to first one.
03:00 UTC
10:00 Eastern Australia - Good time of the morning, conflicting for anyone?
20:00 Eastern U.S. - In the evening, shouldn't be any sever conflicts,
19:00 Central U.S. - Conflicts with my evening commute, but I might be
able to shuffle.  Everyone else at home?
17:00 Western U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
01:00 London - Feeling what Australia knows so well

This one is a bit mean to London, but might work well for most of
everyone else.  No matter what, there will be people who can't make the
meetings because it is in the middle of the night, but do we want the
E.U. to be those people?
06:00 UTC
13:00 Eastern Australia - Everyone back from lunch?
23:00 Eastern U.S. - Are the folks at RH HQ up this late?  I suspect
they are. ;-)
22:00 Central U.S. - Not a problem for me.  Anyone else going to complain?
20:00 Western U.S. - Is the evening okay for California?
04:00 London - Okay, this I can see being a problem for a few folks.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 at

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