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Joshua Wulf jwulf at
Thu Oct 6 22:31:20 UTC 2005

Patrick Barnes wrote:

>I wanted to start a discussion regarding the regular meeting time.  It
>seems hard for a lot of people to make the current meeting time.  For
>several people, it is late at night.  For others, it is early in the
>morning.  For me, it conflicts with my morning commute.  Perhaps we can
>come up with a time that is a little easier for the majority of our
>participants.  In the few samples I've outlined below, I'm mostly
>focusing on keeping the time acceptable to people in Australia and the
>United States, as it seems that most of our participants are in one of
>those two nations.
>So, here's what we have (daylight savings accounted for):
>18:00 UTC
>01:00 Eastern Australia
>11:00 Eastern U.S.
>10:00 Central U.S.
>8:00 Western U.S.
>16:00 London
>Some other options:
>This one is my personal favorite.  It keeps the time from being too late
>or too early for most of our participants.  This might have some
>conflicts, though.
>01:00 UTC
>08:00 Eastern Australia - A little early
>18:00 Eastern U.S. - Everyone at home?
>17:00 Central U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
>15:00 Western U.S. - Middle of the afternoon, any conflicts?
>23:00 London - A bit late, but not unbearable
>This one creates a conflict for me, but I might be able to fix that. 
>Otherwise, it is a lot like to first one.
>03:00 UTC
>10:00 Eastern Australia - Good time of the morning, conflicting for anyone?
>20:00 Eastern U.S. - In the evening, shouldn't be any sever conflicts,
>19:00 Central U.S. - Conflicts with my evening commute, but I might be
>able to shuffle.  Everyone else at home?
>17:00 Western U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
>01:00 London - Feeling what Australia knows so well
>This one is a bit mean to London, but might work well for most of
>everyone else.  No matter what, there will be people who can't make the
>meetings because it is in the middle of the night, but do we want the
>E.U. to be those people?
>06:00 UTC
>13:00 Eastern Australia - Everyone back from lunch?
>23:00 Eastern U.S. - Are the folks at RH HQ up this late?  I suspect
>they are. ;-)
>22:00 Central U.S. - Not a problem for me.  Anyone else going to complain?
>20:00 Western U.S. - Is the evening okay for California?
>04:00 London - Okay, this I can see being a problem for a few folks.
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I'm good with any of those. The meetings I have made it to I haven't 
said anything - partially because I'm still lurking, partly because at 
that unholy hour of the night (1 am) my brain is barely functioning...


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