Meeting Time

David Barzilay barzilay at
Fri Oct 7 01:32:25 UTC 2005

My vote goes for:

>03:00 UTC
>10:00 Eastern Australia - Good time of the morning, conflicting for
>20:00 Eastern U.S. - In the evening, shouldn't be any sever conflicts,
>19:00 Central U.S. - Conflicts with my evening commute, but I might be
>able to shuffle.  Everyone else at home?
>17:00 Western U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
>01:00 London - Feeling what Australia knows so well

option 2 wd be:

>01:00 UTC
>08:00 Eastern Australia - A little early
>18:00 Eastern U.S. - Everyone at home?
>17:00 Central U.S. - Nearing the end of the work day
>15:00 Western U.S. - Middle of the afternoon, any conflicts?
>23:00 London - A bit late, but not unbearable


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