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Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at
Mon Oct 17 06:47:04 UTC 2005

This is a fantastic idea.  And since I work in the next cubicle over from 
the person responsible for these, I think this might be very doable.

Colin, can you add this idea to the schedule for discussion at the next 
meeting?  (Which is when, again, exactly?  I think we need an announcement 
of the next meeting time.)


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On Mon, 17 Oct 2005, Joshua Wulf wrote:

> The other day I got a couple of packs of cards - the red deck and the 
> black deck - from sales and marketing at Red Hat. They have frequently 
> asked questions and responses on them for making sales pitches for RHEL. 
> They pretty much r0ck, and are a useful resource.
> I think it could be quite useful for the cmc program if we had something 
> like that. It's a small deck of cards with the frequently asked 
> questions and important differentiating points for making presentations 
> with clarity and focus.
> It empowers cmc's to answer inquiries with succinct and correct answers. 
> Especially in a situation where you are being interviewed for web, 
> radio, or television, or even print, the soundbite is king. A pithy, 
> prepared response is essential.
> --josh
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