Marketing Fedora Worldwide

David Barzilay barzilay at
Tue Oct 18 01:49:16 UTC 2005

Hi Folks,

There are a lot of well-intended people here, so allow me to suggest a
more organized approach towards the subject matter, then we can optimize
our resources.

Let start from the beginning! We gotta be able to respond some basic

1) APPEALS: what are FC's appeals?
reduced IT costs (software, hardware), collaborative work philosophy,
reliability, bleeding-edge technology...., reducing digital divide....

Who can benefit from these?

2) TARGET: who should we promote FC to?
There might be two or more different audiences here, interested in
different sort of benefits i.e. developing countries decision makers,
the computer-savvy masses, secondary school, lobbyists, IT students....

What do we know about them?

If we have more than one defined audience, we might consider splitting
the next questions, and having different strategies for each.

3) OPPORTUNITIES to meet with target(s) in appealing occasions: local
user groups meetings, events, partnerships with universities, seminars,
open source projects, govmt events, etc

Questions: What are the commonalities between "the opportunity" and FC?
How do we relate FC with "the opportunity" goals?
Leverage from there, focusing on the answers for the questions above,
and elaborating "tailor-made" material for event.

4) FEDORA-MKTG ORG: a bit of a brainstorming here...
Obviously, we cannot centralize everything to cover the globe, so maybe
CMCs can create their little organizations, specially dedicated to their

Local CMCs can organize an effective FC presence in local events in
advance, so we make sure they get enough material (as mentioned in an
earlier email); can also talk to universities, distribute FC LiveCDs,
invite more people to take part on open source projects, talk to
teachers......organize LUGs....

Responsibilities can be shared among local organizations i.e. one looks
after events, another looks after local universities, a third might
lobby with govmt, a fourth might look after the Fedora users website in
his language...

Let's take the collaborative work spirit to the Marketing field!


David Barzilay
Brazilian Portuguese
Technical Translator
Red Hat Asia-Pacific

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