"CMC" moniker

Joshua Wulf jwulf at redhat.com
Thu Oct 20 22:55:28 UTC 2005

As discussed in today's meeting we're continuing the discussion of what 
the Fedora "Community Marketing Contacts" should be called here on the 
mailing list.

Here are my thoughts on the matter:

I believe... that "CMC" must go (bad marketingspeak bad!). As mentioned 
by gdk in an earlier post, Fedora is many things. It's a distro, and 
it's a project. We're all about community - distro and project - not 
simply a finished "product". We're not marketing a product, which 
implies a monologue - we're building a community: we need a conversation.

I see the role of a "CMC" as three fold:

1. Inquire (hear first, if you wish to be heard - conduit of information 
from the peeps to the project - "We hear ya!")
2. Inform (conduit of information from inside the project to the 
outside: community and wider public)
3. Invite (It's all about participation - Our Motto: "We Make it Easy!")

I liked Colin's way of testing potential titles:

"yada yada yada..." says <insert name>, <insert title> of the Fedora 

...says XYZ, spokesperson for the Fedora Project
...says XYZ, ambassador of the Fedora Project / Fedora Foundation (i 
like that one, it's like something from Trek)

Suggestions so far (from today's meeting):

Local Fedora Contact
Community Representative

/me +1 Ambassador


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