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Greg DeKoenigsberg gdk at
Fri Oct 21 15:50:46 UTC 2005

On Fri, 21 Oct 2005, Jeremy Hogan wrote:

> We've answered these core questions about what Fedora is, and for whom a
> great number of times already on this list. Someone needs to digest it, and
> make a cut we can all vote on. 

This is on my plate.  I hope to have something by next week's marketing 

> As for the purpose of Fedora marketing, it's to make more people use/hack
> Fedora more often, so we make it better more often than it gets worse. Just
> the same as that marketing in a commercial environment is to "get more
> people, to buy more stuff, more often, so you make more money". That's it.
> There's nothing more to it than technique.
> Our metrics are the number of contributors (code, bugs, feedback, list
> posts), and number of users (hackers, enthusiasts, early adopters, those
> wanting insight into what RHEL might be)--which together make the target
> install base--and the number of articles, reviews and how-tos written about
> Fedora. That's not all the use cases and measures for Fedora, because we
> don't and never should know all the use cases, anymore than Apache
> foundation knows exactly what's going on on every web site running Apache.

It's probably a good idea to work on some metrics that we think are 
useful.  Its status on distrowatch, for instance.  Pure Googlebuzz -- how 
many hits on "Fedora Linux"?  "Ubuntu Linux"?

> User driven innovation, and an eco-sysem. In other words, a lot of what made
> Red Hat what it was before the RHEL/Fedora debbil scat.

Exactly.  Hey, Jeremy, has anyone ever told you that you could do this 
job?  ;-)


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