Fedora at FOSS.in/2005

Tejas Dinkar tejasdinkar at gmail.com
Sat Oct 29 17:45:08 UTC 2005

Alex Maier wrote:

>Great job Tejas!
Thanks Alex

>If you are looking for ready-made presentations and ideas for talks,
>will help you.
>Please follow the links to the individual FUDCons to download slides,
>wherever availabe.
>I will gladly go over your slides when you have a draft ready. Simply
>contact me off-list.
Unfortunately, all of the links on this page:

return a 404

Is there anyway I can borrow Mr Warren Togami's Slides (fedora overview) 
so that I can base my own on them?

Thanks Again
Tejas Dinkar

Perhaps just mail it to this email, if slides are under 10Mb, else put 
it up online

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