Free software events for December 2005

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This is great! Please post the link to


On 1/11/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at> wrote:
> Hi
> Free software magazine has a year end report which mentions Fedora
> Directory Server.
> "Freeing of the directory server software
> It always gives me a warm feeling when proprietary software is freed.
> This happened when Red Hat bought Netscape's Directory Server. They
> promptly released it as free software. On the second of this month Red
> Hat released the next incarnation of the Fedora Directory Server 1.0
> <>.
> This includes many enterprise level features of LDAP, such as version 3
> of the protocol, multi-master replication and Windows synchronisation.
> Along with the engine, it includes console and administration utilities;
> all of which can be ported from GNU/Linux to other platforms.
> The strategy that Red Hat uses in its Open Directory product is typical.
> It first releases the latest and new "bleeding edge" software as free
> software to the community through the Fedora project, giving the
> community what they want. After it has become more mature, and the
> stability is guaranteed, they use it to release their enterprise stable
> and static version of the product—still free software—to corporations,
> governments and other enterprise customers giving them what they want.
> It's a good example of how to make money using free software and the
> community business model."
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> Rahul
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