Please add your LUG to the Listing -- lists with 2-3 Fedora gurus ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Wed Jan 18 22:32:31 UTC 2006

Thomas Chung <tchung at> wrote:
> Hi Bryan,
> Would you like me to add you in EditGroup so you can add
> those LUGs by yourself?
> Please let me know your UserName once you create Wiki
> account.

Just FYI, I had registered many months ago as "thebs."
I have switched my name to "BryanJSmith" (it said
"BryanSmith" was taken?) I have edited the page.

I took the liberty of reordering groups by state instead of
city (like it was prior).  It looked odd after I added my
entries and the states were all jumbled around.

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